Veterans Hike was an idea that started in the beginning of 2020. Veterans Hike is managed by a veteran and is all about helping and supporting our beloved British veterans who are suffering from their mental health and who are struggling to manage PTSD.  We do this by walking and talking amongst other veterans in the outdoors, hiking, camping, weekend trips, yearly hiking events and challenges that we host every month of the year.  Our supportive methods work alongside professional services for both drug and alcohol addiction and mental health therapy.

We hiked the West Highland Way in Scotland in September 2020 with a team of veterans from across the United Kingdom. This was 97 Miles with full kit over a seven-day period. It was an amazing experience for all involved.  In December 2020 we officially became Veterans Hike CIC, a non-profit organisation that is making a huge difference to all veterans that we help and support.

Since December we have expanded with the introduction of team-leaders.  These amazing, motivated and experienced individuals provide a point of contact to veterans within that county. This is the backbone of Veterans Hike CIC; this is what we do! We continue to expand, we continue to make new partnerships between ourselves and other professional organisations, and more importantly we continue to provide the much-needed help and support to our vulnerable veterans.

If you or your organisation would like to support our efforts or would like to know more then please do not hesitate to contact us. It’s working together that will make the real difference to a veteran’s life!

“We Fought Together, Now We Shall Walk Together”.