Veterans Hike Challenges welcomes everyone to take part and succeed in their chosen challenge. The challenges are to raise essential funds which we heavily rely on to provide much-needed equipment to vulnerable veterans who more often than not don’t even own a pair of walking boots. All our challenges have their own unique medal that is awarded on completion of the challenge. To get started, simply choose your challenge, and pay the £30 admission fee which covers the cost of the medal and postage.  Once you have entered you then can raise money by asking your friends and family to support your efforts during your challenge.  All monies raised go towards hiking and camping equipment to make it possible for a vulnerable veteran to take to the outdoors.

All our challenges can be completed from your front door by doing the specified distance, elevation and so on over a period of time. All challenges must be completed within four weeks of starting.

You can make a huge impact on a veteran’s lifestyle, in more ways than one.  Take part in a unique challenge to support Veterans Hike CIC and to enable us to carry on our much-needed help and support to the veteran community.

Veterans Hike CIC is managed by a veteran for the benefit of vulnerable veterans and their immediate family members. We also wanted to remember the fallen by creating challenges in their honour. We shall remember!